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Here, There, and Everywhere.

I'm bad about keeping up with this thing.

I spent Thanksgiving in New York City with one of my favorite cousins, Hallie. She wanted to go to NYC for her birthday to see The Glass Menagerie starring Zachary Quinto. So we did just that! We stood on the corner of 45th and 6th street during the Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade and nearly froze to death but it was lots of fun! We went to the Top of the Rock and took tours of the NBC Studios, Radio City Music Hall, and Carnegie Hall. We took a bus tour of NYC and our hotel was literally 20 steps from Times Square. In a spur of the moment decision we ended up getting tickets for First Date starring Zachary Levi and Once starring Arthur Darvill. So basically I got to see Spock, Flynn Rider, and Rory Williams! We did lots of shopping! The Macy's was quite overwhelming but we wandered every floor of that place! We had an absolute blast!

I traveled to OKC for my friend Chelsie's birthday then spent some time hanging out in Fort Worth with Michelle.

On December 20th I caught a flight to Orlando. While there we visited Disney World and once again had an absolute blast! We went to the last Mickey's Very Merry Christmas Party of the year and got to enjoy "snow" on Main Street. It was magnificent weather too! On our day at Epcot I managed to ride Test Track 5 times and Mission: Space 3 times! I ended up with 4 rides on Space Mountain at Magic Kingdom.

Our final ride on Space Mountain was the most epic! It was late on our last night, going on midnight. We had fast passed it and it was just Daniel and I riding it this time and so we were with 4 other people. They were behind us, you ride in single file with 6 people total, if that makes any sense at all. The guy behind me was talking with one of the other people in his group about the cameras and so I asked him which side it was on. I knew it where it was but I just couldn't remember which side; there are actually two different tracks for Space Mountain and I had already ridden both that day. He wasn't sure but the cast member said it would be on the right. So I asked Daniel what he wanted to do and he didn't know. Then the guy behind me said, "Well we're doing the Sven, the reindeer." To which I replied, "I'm in!" So I told Daniel this is what we were doing and our group of 4 behind us were quite excited. Now earlier while in line Daniel decided I should do my horror movie scream. I haven't used my over the top scream in a really long time, mostly cause screaming so much during basketball games during college had practically killed me vocal chords. I was up for using it and in my opinion it's way more fun when used ironically. Here's how Space Mountain works your picture gets taken before you even start up the track. So Sven happens first then we start going up at which point I decide I will do my super loud scream. Then Daniel started screaming and so did the rest of our little group. It was fantastic! To the right of us there are people who are ending their ride and they just stare at us. The other track which is left of us is broke down so these 6 girls are just sitting there on the track and they are staring at us. We scream like this for the entire ride. Then when we come to the end and are barely moving we continue screaming and even scream when we return to the light where they let you off the ride. The cast members and people who are currently getting out of the ride all look at us. It was hilarious! The guy behind me says, "You can ride with us anytime! That was our best ride yet!" To which I replied, "It was ours too! Thank you!" We go to look at the pictures which other random people are cracking up at...and there's our beautiful picture of us all doing the Sven! It was absolutely amazing! I don't know why more people aren't up to crazy stuff on rides...especially at Disney. We had tried being goofy on previous Space Mountain rides and no one ever was awesome as these people! We behaved silly when riding Mission:Space and on Star Tours but people rarely joined in! People should try to have more fun!

When we went to Hollywood Studios, we went to the Great Movie Ride which at the beginning they recreate a scene similar to something you would see in Pearl Harbor. We've done this multiple times so we knew volunteers were needed and we knew exactly what the volunteers do. So Daniel volunteered! He with two other guys were crew members on this boat and apparently they are told to scream like little girls when the boat starts being shot at. So Daniel did just that! He screamed high pitched like a little girl while running around in circles waving his arms in the air. The crowd was cracking up. The cast member who is "directing" the scene tells them that planes were at Daniel of course looked at his watch. The whole thing was quite hilarious!

My favorite character meal this trip was the Ohana breakfast at the Polynesian Resort. Lilo, Stitch, Mickey, and Pluto come to your table. They all had leis on and Mickey has a Hawaiian shirt. Out of all the different characters I've met these were probably some of the best! When I was taking a picture with Stitch, Daniel told him I was single so then Stitch took my hand and I think in his own little way proposed...or maybe he was just trying to eat my hand! Mickey was also flirting with Judy and I! It's amazing how they are able to be so expressive without saying anything and being in giant costumes!

It was quite sad when we flew back on Christmas Eve. :(

I spent Christmas Day by myself. It's not what I wanted but what I wanted was to be with my little family of 5 that is now missing the two most important pieces, my Mommy and Daddy. Grandma now spends holidays not with us but with another one of her kids and even then her and my sister Angela were in Oklahoma while I was in Houston. Also, the 6th member, the old house that I've spent EVERY SINGLE CHRISTMAS except for this one is no longer mine. I didn't get to decorate the house like we've always decorated it. All of the Christmas decor is in a storage unit. I didn't get to decorate a tree with my sister with all the ornaments that have been collected over the years. I'm pretty sure it was my first Christmas without a kitty...and be default there was no kitty knocking ornaments off the tree. I didn't really have much of the holiday spirit this year. I'm hoping by next Christmas I'll have a house of my own to go completely crazy with for the holidays!

After Christmas I drove up to OKC for the Crager Christmas. I do love my family but I have a hard time interacting with them now. The next day I drove back to Fort Worth and hung out with my friend Michelle for several days. We went to the Trans-Siberian Orchestra concert in Dallas. It was an absolute blast. After several days I eventually made my way back to Houston which is where I am now.

I was hopping back and forth between moving to Fort Worth or staying here. I'm having a hard time with giving up traveling and finally settling down. I really want all my books out of storage and I want a pet kitten neither of which I can have until I at least have an apartment. I would prefer to buy a house but apparently I need to have a steady job for at least 6 months first...even if I'm able to make a large down payment. I think I'm pretty settled on Houston and now I need to start the job search. So here's to hoping this goes well. It's what I must do to have my books again!
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Three and a half years later

Due to 3 1/2 weeks spent in the UK, my body feels it is now necessary for me to be awake no later than 5am. This gives me time to do random things. This morning I managed to figure out my username information for Livejournal as well as Myspace. I found it quite hilarious rereading many of my posts!

The last I had written in here I had graduated from SNU and worked at the OKC Zoo. Since then a lot has changed. January 2012 I started working at Chesapeake Energy as a contractor. For awhile I worked at both places but quit the zoo fully July 2012. I actually quit Chesapeake in June of this year. I like to think I'm on a sabbatical right now. Some may think it is lazy of me to be without a job for so long and to a certain extent I agree at times. However, there have been a lot of changes in the last two years that I think justify my lack of working at the moment.

Long story short, and I mean VERY short, my Daddy passed away September 18, 2011 and my Mommy passed away September 5th, 2012. Since then there has been the settling of the estate which is currently ongoing. The house that had been in the family for 50 years and the only home I have ever known is the reason the estate is not settled. I lived in the house alone since September 2012 packing things up slowly. Not just my belongings but also my parent's belongings. In July of this year I finally finished emptying and cleaning out the house. Practically everything is in storage now. The items that are not in storage are here in Magnolia, TX with me. I'm currently living with my former youth pastor and his family. When I moved here in July I had planned to quickly look for and start a new job and eventually find a place to live of my own. However, I ended up with crazier ideas!

My parents loved to travel. Any chance they had they would leave Oklahoma. Granted the last few years of their lives their traveling was with their RV and Jeep Wrangler. So I feel as though I have been bitten by that same bug. I generally go on a trip or two every year. Usually to visit my best friend in Tucson, Disney World, or to Galveston. However since quitting Chesapeake I've gone a little bit further with my travels.

First, in June I went to Disney World. It was a rather bittersweet trip in that the last time I was there in June 2011 I was with my parents. The trip to Disney World in June 2011 would be our last family vacation.

My second trip was to Colorado in July. My friends Michelle, Chelsie, and I drove the Jeep Wrangler to Ouray, CO. My parents enjoyed off-roading with the Jeep and they had all the extras for the Jeep as well as books on different trails. I had a hard time claiming ownership of the Jeep because I had never used it as it was meant to be used. So that is exactly what my friends and I decided to do with the Jeep! We did a portion of the Alpine Loop in the San Juan Mountains and along the way made some new friends. We also visited Telluride on the trip and all around had an absolute blast. Now that I've driven the Jeep using 4 wheel low and hopping between gears, I feel like it is really mine.

Once August rolled around I toyed with the idea of traveling the world with a backpack. I did some research on it and also thought a lot about whether I could really handle being alone that much. I also have this strange quirk where I don't really like food. Though unhealthy, I could probably just survive on fries. I took a poll with my friends asking what they would think if I were to follow through with this crazy idea even if it was only for a month. Rachel wrote back saying "Please take me with you!" She had to get her passport renewed. While I visited her in Oklahoma for her birthday her passport arrived which was I believe September 21st. So the very next day I purchased plane tickets to London. Within that week we booked hotels, tours, and train tickets. We drove back to TX on the 28th and on September 30th we hopped on a plane in Houston for London Heathrow! We hopped around England, Scotland, the Republic of Ireland, North Ireland, and Wales. Sadly we arrived back to Houston the evening of October 23rd. It was a wonderful adventure!

On November 27th I'm flying to New York City with my favorite cousin Hallie to spend a few days there. Now, I'm tentatively planning a Christmas trip to Disney World. That being said, I feel like my "sabbatical" has been quite enjoyable.

However, due to all these travels, I find myself not wanting to stop! Even before the first trip I found the idea of settling in one place quite difficult. For some reason I find it quite fun saying that I'm homeless! So now I'm trying to find a career that is conducive to my love of travel.

Well, I've written plenty enough today.

Life is an adventure and I want mine to be a good one.
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So apparently I haven't written in here since October 2008? So here's a quick update: I graduated from SNU in December of 2009, I still work at the OKC Zoo, and I don't have a "real" job yet cause I've been spending this "semester" taking trips here and there and I have a few more for June after which I'll make an effort at getting a "real" job. Otherwise, I spend my life still playing in some ensembles at SNU, hanging out with friends, and sleeping among other things. Well that's about it.
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Canada Eh?

So I haven't posted anything in here for ages it a nutshell: I go to SNU and work at the OKC Zoo.

I set a date for my recital: March 26th. This is actually for fun...I'm not a music major anymore so I don't have to do a recital. So I'm just going to be playing keyboard know...marimba, vibraphone, and maybe some xylophone...

I'm addicted to rock climbing...I even bought a membership to Rocktown...I was there's good times!

I've been ridiculously tired all the time lately...It seems as though I don't have any free time for a nap...granted this is mostly my own fault. Every week is the same with some occasionally additions or subtractions but at the moment it goes like this:

Sunday- Go to Church, eat lunch with family, and then generally head back to SNU in order to practice for a few hours and catch up on some homework.

Monday- I get to sleep in a bit! (I need to start working the mornings though…) I have a percussion lesson at 11am followed by percussion ensemble. That’s 2 ½ hours of percussion playing then it’s off to the zoo to work. I get off 5ish and head to Midwest City for the Church’s bowling league which is generally pretty fun too…then I come back to SNU and attempt to finish the rest of the homework that’s due for Tuesday.

Tuesday- Sometimes I have an 8 o’clock class and sometimes I don’t but basically I have class straight through till 5pm. Then I head to Rocktown to get some climbing in and the evening isn’t complete without some Taco Bell with friends. Then it’s back to SNU and then I attempt to convince myself to work on homework for Thursday.

Wednesday- I go to work…and then I go to Church…then back to SNU where I force myself to do any homework I haven’t done already…

Thursday- Class from 8am-5pm…and then I practice for a hour or so…then usually head to Rachel’s for a game night/Bible study (depending on the week). Back to SNU.

Friday- I go to the morning 7:20 prayer chapels…then I go to work. After work varies week to week…sometimes it’s just home, I’m thinking it’s going to be more rock climbing, and this Friday happens to be a show that Michelle’s having at her Church…

Saturday- Nothing…I’m free…I can sleep!!!

And then the week starts all over again. I need to find more time to practice…that’ll be interesting…I was going to try and work it in Wednesdays but I don’t know if that’s going to work out…basically it’s my own fault that I’m so tired…if I just cut out all the extra stuff I could probably get more sleep in…but that’s no fun! At least I quit drum line…so that gives me a little bit more free time.

So that’s my life…not like it matters to anyone…I just wanted to see my insanity in writing…It’s amazing to think I’ve made it through half a semester so far…Only 2 ½ more semesters to go until I graduate! December 2009 cannot come quick enough!
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It's only been like 6 months...

Although I get on livejournal nearly everyday and read my friends list, I never actually post anything.

I applied for the Disney thing, and I got rejected...but didn't actually recieve anything from Disney until right before finals week. So finals week was good times in which I had to figure out financial aid and enroll in classes. So I'm back at SNU this semester and I'm technically a Senior at this point...although I don't think I'll graduate until December of 2009. May of 2009 would be better but I spent the bulk of my freshman year as a Music major so I think I will need an extra semester to finish my current major, International Studies, and my minor, Music. I'm still in Percussion Ensemble and Symphonic Band...playing percussion as usual...and last semester I ended up playing with the Orchestra as well.

I'm taking International Marketing, Retailing, Intermediate Spanish II, and Modern Latin America this semester...overall it's not too bad...I really love studying other cultures so I'm getting to do quite a bit of it this semester...

Last semester I had originally planned to not be here this semester so I was on the drumline as the bass line section leader but I didn't actually play...I kinda just helped keep things organized and kept people informed...well then I ended up here this semester...and I am now a tenor player. Tenors are a lot of fun and they really do make people extra goofy.

I have a love of Mandarin...well nearly anything Asian. I'm in my fourth semester of Spanish but I want to take Mandarin now. I have a strange addiction to Taiwaneese dramas as well as a few Japanese dramas. I also now have a large collection of music from different Taiwanese, Korean, Japanese, and Chinese music...I really like it! I guess it's just fun to listen to music that's not in English...I'm not quite sure how to explain this addiction.

My friend Candice got married on December 30th at the Thorncrown Chapel in Eureka Springs, AR...I was a bridesmaid at her wedding...which was my second time doing so...then on June 21st of this year, Rachel, my roomie, is getting married and that will be my third time as a bridesmaid. Angela, my sister, is in theory getting married June 8th of 2009 at which I will also be a bridesmaid...three of these I am/was a maid of honor and the fourth, Candice's, I wasn't technically the maid of honor but I did everything the maid of honor does. I'm going to be a professional bridesmaid it seems...I'm that girl that line "Always a bridesmaid, never a bride," line is about...One day, if I do get married, all of my bridesmaids will already be married.

I don't work at the zoo anymore...I could if I wanted to, but I don't think I'm meant to live there...technically I'm not even looking for a job right now, but I currently have enough money to get by for a not having a job makes balancing classes, rehearsals, homework, church, and sleep much easier...

I have a pretty new cell phone! It makes me happy...

I had a pet kitty, named Vanness, but he passed away this last week...

I collect panda stuff...I don't know why...but I've fallen in love with pandas...

I drink way too many energy drinks...particularly Full Throttles...

I like to bake cookies...

I'll be hopefully living off campus next year with Karyn, who is currently in China this semester...

I love fortune cookies...

I'm one band rehearsal and two classes away from Spring's so close...

So there's an update on my life...I just feel as if I should at least occasionally write in this journal since it's the original of them all...I've had it since I think my freshman year in high school...that's a really long time...The archive of my entries starts in 2001...that's a long time yeah...I'll make an attempt to write more often rather than just once every 6 months...
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So I noticed that I hadn't posted since June 4th. Wow...a whole summer has gone by and it's September. So let's see...Church Camp was great...I spent a few days at Lake Eufaula in July when the water was way up because of the massive amount of rain we had. I went to Branson with my parents, Grandma, and Aunt Betty in early August. Only twice this summer did I get to go jetskiing at Lake Draper. I'm a supervisor at the Oklahoma City Zoo...I have been for quite awhile now. I moved in my dorm a few weeks ago and started classes. I went to Naz Nite at Six Flags Over Texas with my youth group and it was much fun. My Grandad passed away on August 28th. My sister is currently "engaged" and planning on going to USAO next fall which is where her boyfriend currently goes to school. More than likely my roomie, Rachel, will be getting married next summer. I worked the youth group's Harrah Daze booth for awhile on September 8th and then went off to SNU's first home football game which they actually one...making them 2-0 for the season. I'm in the Crimson Stix once again, along with the Symphonic Band and Percussion Ensemble...and currently they are trying to convince me to be in the Orchestra...but I don't know how in the world I would manage to add that to my schedule. I go on an eight mile bike ride on Monday nights to Starbucks...I also am working out several days a week and running twice a week...then I went bouldering for the first time in my life last Friday...and so I'm going to start rock climbing also.

So I think that covers most semi major things to take place since I last posted. If I think of anything else I'll just add it.

I turned in my application for the Disney Internship...they'll be at UCO on October that's when I will be interviewing...I'm super excited!

Over the next few weeks I'll be getting a different car...which is exciting...except that I already drive it whenever I get the chance...
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So I'm actually up at the moment...but I have yet to pack or accomplish anything...I figure I still have 3 1/2 hours to get everything done. Today is the beginning of Church Camp if anyone is wondering...and I need to go to Wal-Mart before I go to my Church.

I have no idea when I last wrote in here...I went with Candy to Texas to visit Daniel, Judy, and Sean. It was lots of fun! I shall post pictures at some point...or you can probably just go look at my comments cause there is quite a few pictures there at the moment.

I've been working a lot...they let me drive the golf cart around and they let me close the other gift shops...did you know that golf carts are a lot of fun? I like's a blast...

I find shopping for clothes by myself kind of liberating...I guess I've always had other people with me...I think when I had people with me, I was consious of what I looked at and what I would actually buy...I guess I thought they were kinda judging me and the style of things I like...and I don't know why I thought like this...and I don't know why I even cared...

Yesterday was my 20th birthday...

Well...I probably should get to that packing...well first I need to find will be interesting...I think this week will be great!
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Farewell Room 307

This year has really flown by. It's crazy to think that I have one paper to finish editing and then one final left, which will be tommorrow and I'll be finished...well until Monday when I start a mini-term...but that's only ten days of classes for 3 hours credit.

So here I am, cleaning the dorm room. I have a lot packed but I still have some more to do. My bed doesn't have anything on it now, which is wierd cause the last time it was like that was the day I moved in. The walls are quite white...and the floor is beginning to lose its color as well...cause we vacuuming and moving our random carpets. Here in a little bit I'll be taking all of these network cables and putting them in a box and then I will have to rely on the questionable wireless internet SNU has.

I check out today at 1:45pm...and then I won't have a key or a fob's sad. Tonight I'm sleeping at my house...and at some point I will have to unpack all of this stuff.

A year from now I'll be packing up to move from Florida to home. I remember saying how a year from now I'd be moving to Florida...and now the whole semester has flown by...

Well...Farewell my sweet Room 307. I've had a lot of fun and enjoyed decorating even have your own myspace! Farewell sweet Room 307 and may angels sing thee to thy rest...
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Dear Livejournal

It has been a long time. Much has gone on since I left the livejournal world. I doubt I'll be able to mention most of it. Just to let you know...I gave up liverjournal, myspace, xanga, and facebook for Lent...I'm not Catholic or anything...I just find it good to give up something...especially if it takes up a lot of one's time and thought...which sadly the internet does...

1. Our youth group is amazing! I love it very much. Everything is I can't even explain. I love those kids! I've gotten to know a lot of them and it's just amazing.

2. I currently work at the OKC Zoo...where I somehow managed to become a Team Leader. It's a lot of fun and I have made so many new friends. The people are great...they are happy, fun people!

3. The SAC tournament was a massive amount of fun. SNU took both the women's and the men's tournament...and I screamed my lungs out.

4. I had a Symphonic Band concert during the break...and on Tuesday night is my Percussion Ensemble concert and April 26th is the Symphonic Band concert...everyone should come to the Symphonic Band concert we are playing some fantastic music. Then on May 3rd, I'm "accompanying" a person at their junior recital.

5. During Spring Break Candy and I took Manda, Michael, Brittany, Xyre, and Xerick to the zoo, Cici's, and the park. It was wonderful and I'm really thankful I had the chance to spend that one whole day with them.

6. We had a super fun weekend long NYI meeting earlier in was good stuff! We got of lot of things planned out for the year...and our Spring Break events were lots of fun!

7. I had a party at my house! And when I say party I mean there were snacks and we played Guitar Hero and the guys played Halo...and it was much fun.

8. I watched another Taiwaneese was called Meteor Garden...and it was good stuff...although not as amazing as MARS.

9. Rachel and I planned a Burger King Prom Night...and it was a lot of fun! Who doesn't enjoy going to Burger King all dressed up? Plus going to Wal-Mart...

10. There was the Covenant Celebration...which was to Dallas this semester. That was ok...I was super exhausted so I actually managed sleeping on the charter bus.

11. Baseball season is beginning...and technically I have a job there and I have gone to orientation...but I don't if it's going to work out. I love the was my first job and I've enjoyed the three seasons I have spent there...this will be my 4th if I can work it out!

12. I'm going to Church Camp as a sponsor...well most likely...I'm very excited...although kinda sad that high school and junior high will be split since that will make things very complicated...since I much rather get to hang out with all my girls instead of it being split with Candy with one group and I with the other...

13. So about that Disney internship...I've gotten a lot done on that...I'm probably going to get 6 hours of credit...I've tried to find out as much as I can about it. And as always...I'm super excited!!!

14. The season for Crimson Stix finished's kinda sad...although now Rachel has a boyfriend who was on the Guard so now I hang out with drumline people a lot more often. And on May 5th...we are going to the lake!

15. Rachel has a boyyyyyyfriend.

16. Angela was in the Miss Choctaw pageant last night...and I think she did absolutely amazing!

17. There's about a billion events coming up...There's Girl's Night, and the Lock-In, Extravaganza, the end of the semester, concerts, work, so many's pretty crazy...but absolutely wonderful!

18. So there's been a lot of other stuff...and for several of these things I have pictures.

So life has been pretty great the last 50 days. I've realized how much there is to be thankful for and how thankful I am for all of the wonderful people that I get to be around and spend time with. I love you all very much. I hope your Easter has been as bright and as beautiful as mine!

Happy Easter!